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NATURO HEALTH SOLUTIONS is a Wellness Center that focuses on natural ways to help restore healing to the body. We are located in St. Charles County, Missouri.

We are the leading experts in providing natural health consulting services to  adults of all ages. Our approach is a model that uses each individual's unique genetic information to tailor a customized health plan. 

Our tools go directly to the root of a client's concern and our teaching comes from the 8 Laws of Health. If you are looking for answers to why you are not getting well, you have come to the right place.


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How to achieve intuitive eating?

First, understand dieting only causes you to temporarily lose weight. It does not help you to live an optimal-balanced lifestyle. Secondly, understand there is NO "miracle pill." The absence of health struggles is only achieved when you change your mental behavior.

5 easy steps to a better "WEIGH" for you

1. "Reframe" your emotional relationship with food.

2. Become in tune with what your body is asking of you...ask yourself, "is this what my body REALLY needs?"

3. Understand your body was made to be in balance and not out of balance.

4. Halt the negative "self-talk." And experience food before you actually eat it.

5. Release the need for large portions and begin with half the amount desired.

The True Miracle

The true miracle is when you identify the emotional triggers and release the control food has over you.

As a Wellness Team, we see many clients who struggle with food. Both over- and under-eating. I will help you to believe a healthy balanced life is achievable for YOU. Our bodies are a well-designed machine. And we were made to be healthy and happy. 

Call TODAY for YOUR personalized health plan.

 636-795-0963 (text for quick response)

Our clients LOVE Us!

Weight Loss Testimonial:

"I have struggled with losing weight for the past few years. I am working toward meeting my goal!"  Natural Health works!



Traditional medicine uses a reactive approach to signs and symptoms, thus resulting in management of illness and not eradication. 

The holistic approach utilizes predictive methods that can not only address present concerns, but forecast potential problems and provide a plan to avoid them altogether.

Our clients LOVE Us!

Nutrient Deficiencies Resolved

I was struggling with some ongoing nutrient deficiencies for several years and although I was taking the basic vitamin supplements, I was not making the progress I had hoped for. This was very discouraging as some state that vitamins are just expensive urine. I received a nutrient panel to identify each shortage. I was provided a treatment plan to address the shortages as well as concentrate on additional key nutrients that were not deficient but could use strengthening. A year later, not only have the nutrient deficiencies completely resolved, but all my nutrients are also in complete strong status. It’s great that the proper treatment does work. I am forever grateful for this knowledgeable and compassionate wellness team. My health is at its best!

Thank you, 


WHY CHOOSE Holistic Health Consultation?

  • Preventive Health
  • Customized Wellness Plans
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle
  • Healing Alternatives to Traditional Medicine
  • No one size fits all approach
  • We offer longer appointments
  • We listen and care about you
  • Counsel on Living Healthy in a Toxic Environment
  • Address the Underlying Cause of Your Illness
  • High-Tech Investigative Tools and Assessments
  • Detoxification and Weight Management

BE PROACTIVE! Call Naturo Health Solutions today or click the button below to request an appointment. 

Don't delay! Optimal health is waiting.

The Ageless Spa

Check out our SPA website for more details on services:

Facials, Body Treatments, Peels & Skin tightening, Body Contouring, Weight Loss program, Fat Loss, Infra red technology,  Hair Removal (Waxing)


Call Now!

636-795-0963 (text for quick response)

Hours of operation

Monday 9:30a-8p and Wednesday 9:30a-8p

Tuesday 9:30a-6p and Thursday 9:30a-6p

Friday 9:30a-2p

Weekends by appointment only

 2010 Bluestone Dr.

St. Charles, Mo. 63303


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