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Natural Health Blog

Mental congnition

Alternative uses for cognitive deficencies.

Many are suffering with Alzheimer's disease lets together spread the word on how to combat this ugly illness.
Here is a list of herbs that will help ward off the illness.
Always talk to you health care provider before starting a regiment of herbs to assure your safety and efficiency. 

DHA-rich fish oil: 1.5 to 2 grams daily

Vitamin E (gamma-rich mixed with tocopherols) 2000 IUs daily

Alph lipoic acid 600 mg twice daily

B12 (methyclobalamin) 500-1000 micrograms

Folate (5 methyl-folate, not synthetic folic acid) 1-5 micrograms per day

Phosphatidylseine 200-300 milligrams per day

Phosphatidylcholine 12-15 grams daily

Acety-l-carnitine 2-3 grams per day

Melatonin 1.5 to 3 grams before bed preferably at sun set

DHEA 5-15 milligram per day for women and 25-50 for men

Ginkgo biloba 120-240 milligram per day

Huperzina A 200 micorgrams twice daily

Vinpocetine 5010 milligrams three times daily

CoQ10 1200 to 1600 daily

Resveratrol 500 milligram once daily

Vitamin D 2000 IU daily

Curcumin 500-1000 twice daily

Niacin 125 milligrams daily

To learn more about these supplements or to place an order. Contact Dr. Jenkins office at 636-724-5605. 

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