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Natural Health Blog

GI Restoration Program

1. REMOVE offending substances from the diet, while adding targeted nutritional support to help remove unwanted compounds from the body. Specific herbs can provide nutritional support to help promote a health intestinal environment.
2. REPLACE digestive enzymes and stomach acid through supplementation, if necessary. Digestive factors and enzymes facilitate the breakdown of food. An insufficiency of these compounds is common, especially as we age, which inhibits optimal digestion and utilization of nutrients, as well as the elimination of waste.
3. REINOCULATE the GI Tract with probiotics. Reintroduce health-promoting, "friendly" bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, to help promote a desirable balance of GI microflora. This balance is important to GI tissue (mucosal) health, immune function, intestinal barrier function, and digestion.
4. REGENERATE the GI mucosa through diet and lifestyle changes, enhanced by advanced nutritional support. In addition to a medical food, your healthcare practitioner may recommend a targeted supplement to help maintain the integrity of the GI mucosa lining, which could be impacted by a GI insult.
5. RETAIN the health and function of your GI tract with foundation nutrition support, along with healthy eating, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and stress management. Your healthcare practitioner may also recommend UltraFlora Balance and GI Sustain (if you have leaky gut syndrome) as a part of a maintenance program.

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