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All Ailments and Symptoms Went Away

A client testimony:
zyto hand scan, detoxification, dr. christy jenkins, naturo health solutionsI believe strongly in alternative medicine as a fundamental healing process to the toxic buildup in our bodies from the air we breathe, the food and water we drink, and the medication we've been taking from the pharmaceutical industry.  After years of living a lifestyle of conventional medical treatment and poor eating habits (the typical American diet) my body finally started to fall out of balance and break down both physically and mentally.  Every day it felt as if I was walking in quicksand, all I wanted to do was sleep, my positive energy and vitality were drained, and my mind was in cloud of fog, I knew it was time to seek alternative/natural healing.  I googled Naturopaths in Saint Charles MO and right away found Dr. Jenkins website and scheduled an appointment.  Dr. Jenkins has a very thorough process of checking your medical history and determining your present ailments.  She uses an instrument called a Zyto scan which is equivalent to the CAT scan only difference is the cost (Zyto being very inexpensive) and rather than lying in bed you just lay your hand on the instrument as it measures subtle energetic impulses throughout your body, it acts as a biosurvey. This was a very accurate reading and concluded that almost every organ in my body was not functioning properly (hence the previously mentioned symptoms I was experiencing).  The scan even picked up on my skeletal issues later confirmed by the x-rays my chiropractor took and a tooth that my dentist was keeping an eye on for a possible cavity later confirmed at my next checkup/cleaning.  Dr. Jenkins then laid out a detailed detox treatment plan for the next 10 weeks that I carefully followed while still keeping up with all my visits to my conventional doctors.  "I noticed improvement just after the first week and as I continued treatment almost all ailments and symptoms went away..." (note* healing your body by this method can take time as it takes time for your body to build up harmful toxins so does it take time to remove them, patience and persistence is key as is a change in lifestyle for the better).  I knew the plan was working for me as future visits already scheduled with my doctors confirmed improvements with my medical concerns.  Working with Dr. Jenkins was not only a fun experience for me, but also a good learning experience.  She provided me with key information on how to heal the body and with lifestyle/eating habits necessary to take as preventative care.  Every weekly visit she presented new information to me and discussed new methods of treatment I could research and try.  Dr. Jenkins is a natural born healer and a great coach to those willing to make a change and wanting to heal themselves and feel good again, everything happens for a reason and it was no mistake that I found her as she probably ended up saving me thousands of dollars on future medical treatments had I not addressed the issues at hand!  

Thanks again Dr. Jenkins and God knows we need more healers in the world like you!

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Kate paul on Tuesday, January 06, 2015 12:29 AM
Nice Post
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