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Natural Health Blog

Dr. Jenkins Saved My Life

breast cancer, alternative health, Dr. Christy JenkinsEarlier this year on January 10th, I was lying in bed with my nephew and my dog, Conrad, watching TV.  My dog started slapping my right breast with his paw and kept sniffing under my breast repeatedly.  We were laughing at him thinking that he was just being playful.  Conrad then hit my breast really hard and then he barked.  I grabbed at my breast because the blow was painful.  I then felt a huge lump at the bottom of my breast.  I made an appointment with my doctor and she sent me for a battery of tests.  I found out that it was breast cancer.  I went in for surgery the following month in February and woke up to a rebuilt breast.  Once the morphine wore off I was in extreme pain.  It can only be described as a sawing.  After a few months, I went to therapy and it was not effective at all.  In March, I had a second surgery and it was a horrible experience!  When I was released from the hospital something explainable happened and I fell to the couch.  I can’t recall much in the months following that incident.  I just remember regurgitating every few hours and a stabbing pain in my ears.  Banana popsicles were the only thing I could keep down.  With a persistent headache and dizziness that impaired walking, my memory was at its worse.  I felt like a little child trying to relearn everything.  My chest hurt, my heart raced, my bowels were irregular, my eyesight was poor, my reflexes affected my driving, and I had body aches that kept me in bed.  There was also something growing on my forehead and a small growth in between my breasts.  I went in to see the doctor who told me that nothing happened during the surgery and that I must have a stomach virus.  I am thinking, “Really?!”  I begged, cried, and pleaded for help.  I talked to the entire staff of physicians at the cancer center and they all maintained the same story that nothing happened during the surgery.  They reassured me that I would be okay.  I was given numerous medications that didn't work and they only made me sicker.  I was so miserable that I thought that death would be better. This was just sucking the life out of me.  I even considered ways to commit suicide.  I was only a shell of the happy, fun-loving person I used to be. 
I started searching for help online and came across Dr. Christy Jenkins.  Due to my condition I could barely make it to her office.  I sat down in the hallway to rest before entering the office because standing had become so unbearable.  Dr. Jenkins saw me and she was very concerned.  She immediately created a program for me.  I took her treatment plan home and began following her instructions the same day.  By the next morning I was feeling better and had at last stopped vomiting.  After a week my balance had improved.  Now my eyesight has returned, my mind is functioning well again, the growths have shrunk, and my pain has decreased enough that I can get out of bed.  My health has improved 80%.  I am so thankful for Dr. Jenkins.  I will continue to see her for care, along with other specialists.  She truly saved my life!

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