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The benefits of "B" vitamins
The orginal commande in chiet "white blood cell"
Vitamin D the Sunshine vitamin
Gluten free diet
Chronic inflammation


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Natural Health Blog

The benefits of "B" vitamins

The benefits of "B" vitamins

B vitamins consist of 8 individual water-soluble vitamins: B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12, Folate, Biotin.

There are several important things you need too know before you start taking them.

1.B vitamins are primarily used by our nerve cells although you can find them everywhere in the body. 
2. B vitamins help break down carbohydrates for energy and break down fast and proteins for our nervous system function and help provide muscle tone.
3. We do not store B vitamins therefore they are excreted through the urine.
4. Beware of the "inactive " form of B vitamins. Best sources are "methylation" B vitamins.

NOTE: If you are vegan or vegetarian you will lack B vitamins. B vitamins are found only in animal protein.  

People who will benefits the most -
Those who are...
*Drink caffeine
*Take medication
*Consume too much cooked food
*Eat a highly process diet
*Suffer from fatigue/mood swings
*Experiencing pain

For more information contact Dr. Jenkins at 636-724-5605

The orginal commande in chiet "white blood cell"

The original "Commander in chief"-The white blood cell

1. Recognizes and destroys foreign invaders.
2. Produces both antibodies and killer cells.
3. They house receptors for adrenal/stress hormones.
4. The other name for white blood cells, immune system.

A weaken immune system has many faces. The one I want to talk about is "stress".

Your immune cells knows when you're scared, depressed, angry or happy. They know if you're in love or lonely. They can access what you're thinking. This information is traveled from the brain to the cells, tissue, organs and back  to the brain. If it picks up stress along they way, stress is seen as detrimental.

How to protect your immune system? 
1. Take inventory of your stress level.
2. Get 8-10 hours of "undisturbed" sleep.
3. Decrease your animal protein and consume more plant based protein.
4. Eliminate alcohol from your lifestyle.
5. Carve out 30 minutes of your day to pray/meditate.

For more information on how to protect your immune system.  Contact Dr. Jenkins at 636-724-5605

Vitamin D the Sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D-the Sunshine Vitamin
Are you at risk for low "D"?

1. Bone pain
2. Muscle weakness
3. Breast tenderness
4. Moodiness/poor mental clarity
5. Fatigue

1. As we age the kidneys struggle to convert Vitamin D to an active form . Increasing your risk of low "D".
2. Poor digestion or the lack of absorption in the gut can cause low "D".
3. Weight gain- Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, alerting itsrelease into to the blood, decreasing circulation. People with a body mass over 30 often have low 'D".

Ways to increase low "D"-
1. Eat the following foods: carrots, squash, broccoli, avocado, peppers, sweet potato, eggs, and fish.
2. Sit out in the sun before 11a each day.
3. Have your blood levels checked and supplements with the recommended dosage.

Gluten free diet

Gluten-free Diet

Gluten free diet may help people with neuropathic pain.
A strict gluten-free diet may help protect against the nerve pain that some people with gluten sensitivity experience.

A Gluten-free diet MAY reverse

1. Numbness
2. Pain
3 Weakness
4. Peripheral nerve damage
5. Decreased weight
6. Eliminate mental fog
7. Promote better sleep

According to a preliminary study release February 28 by the American Academy of Neurology.

To learn more about how to become "gluten free". Contact Dr. Jenkins at 636-724-5606

Chronic inflammation

                        CHRONIC INFLAMMATION

1. Lose weight
2. Heal Arthritis
3. Reverse Diabetes
4. Boost Energy
5. Banish Joint pain
6. Lower Blood Pressure
7. Slow down the Aging Process

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of dis-ease, "tough-to-solve condition". But knowing the simple facts gives you a single -source way to reverse dis-ease and stay healthy.

Free lecture Friday March 12, 2018
1600 Heritage landing suite 207A
St. Charles Mo 63303


Benefits of Coconut Oil

The good news is Coconut oil could be just what the doctor ordered.

1. Contains natural vitamins and minerals
2. Posses both antifungal and antibodies properties
3. Strongest deterrents against free radicals with it's one-of-a-kind antioxidants property
4. Excellent source of good fat (medium chain triglycerides)
5. Protects the skin from wrinkles caused by free radicals
6. Contains Lauric acid, Vitamin E, Capylic acid all remedies to fade scars
7. Most inexpensive way to heal the body amazing anti-inflammatory properties

Tips for using Coconut Oil
1. Apply a generous amount on face at night (do not wash off)
2. Consume 3 teaspoons daily
3. Helps repair the connective tissue of the skin
Recent studies have revealed that virgin coconut oil has been observed to carry strong anti-carcinogenic effects

Liver Detox

Break through plans reveal how you can banish:
 Belly fat
 Fatigue
 Joint Pain
 High Blood Pressure
 High Cholesterol
 Brain Fog
 Migraine
 Hot Flashes
 Mood Swings
Detox Includes:
 Liver Detox Herbs
 Weight Management Herbs
 Protein Shakes
 Protein Bars
Call Today, Schedule your appointment and get started! (636) 724-5605

A Healthy Liver

Reset your body's most important organs:

Your liver regulates your metabolism.  It determine whether you burn fat for energy or store it on your belly and hips.

This is why healing, nourishing, and supporting your liver may be the most important thing you can do for your health.

A healthy liver play a key role in relieving digestive issues, such as gas, bloating, and constipation.

It regulates your blood sugar levels,  It controls whether you have sugar cravings, fatigue, fuzzy thinking or hypoglycemia.

A toxic liven can also cause diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and auto immune diseases.  It can cause normal imbalance,  headache, mood swings, and depression.

28 Day Liver Detox


Break though plans reveals how you can banish.
*Belly Fat
*Joint Pan
*High Blood Pressure
*High Cholesterol
*Brain Fog
*Hot Flashes
*Mood Swings

Detox Includes:
-Liver detox herbs
-Weight Management Herbs
-Protein Shakes
-Protein Bars

Call today to schedule your appointment and get started

Benefits from Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Vinegar is not only used in many dishes, sauces and dressing, and it has many other related uses such as, cleansing, deodorizing and sanitizing. When it comes to consuming Apple Cider Vinegar it has healing properties as well.
Only one type is best for consumption the organic unfiltered vinegar call "Mother's Apple Cider Vinegar". This is considered the safest drink because of it's high level of enzyme, protein and friendly bacteria.
1. Antibacterial
2. Weight Loss
3. Reduces blood sugar
4. May help w/ cholesterol Recommended for daily use
1 TSP of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 TSP of lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of honey, pinch of cayenne pepper. Add to 8 oz of hot water and enjoy! For more information on how to stay well contact Dr. Jenkins @