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Better Health
Wellness Antibiotic Tips!!!!!!
The Power of Coconut
Itchy skin
Health benefits of NAC


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Natural Health Blog

Better Health

How to sync your body clock for better health.

*Avoid exercise late at night.
*Avoid process food.
*Consume lots of colorful antioxidants-fruits and vegetable.
*Don't eat late at night.
*Eat your biggest meal at breakfast or first meal of the day.
*Get a good nights sleep.
*Limit caffeine/eliminate alcohol.
*Make sure to expose yourself to sunlight daily.


Wellness Antibiotic Tips!!!!!!


How To Protect Yourself From Harmful Antibiotic
1. Antibiotic can disrupt the microbiome.  Meaning "what happen in the gut, doesn't stay in the gut".
2. Lowers immunity.
3. Can cause weight gain.
4. Increase chances of insulin resistance.
5. Can cause vaginal yeas infections/urinary infections.6. Can cause diarrhea.

How to Mitigate the effect of Antibiotics

1. Eat yogurt-Kefir
2. Take probiotic supplements.
3. Women bathe in 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.
4. Drink 1/2 your body weight.

Note:Always consult with your doctor about the use of medications and their side effects.


The Power of Coconut

The Power of Coconut

The good news is coconut oil could be just what the doctor ordered.

1. Contains natural vitamins and minerals.
2. Possess both antifungal and antibodies properties.
3. Strongest deterrents against free radicals with it's one-of-a-kind antioxidant property.
4. Excellent source of good fat (medium chain triglycerides).
5. Protects the skin from wrinkles caused by free radicals.
6. Contains Lauric Acid, Vitamin E, Capylic Acid all remedies to fade scars.
7. Most inexpensive way to heal the body with amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips for using Coconut Oil

1. Apply a generous amount on face at night (DO NOT WASH OFF).
2. Consume 3 teaspoons daily.
3. Helps repair the connective tissue of the skin.
4. Recent studies have revealed that virgin coconut oil has been observed to carry strong anti-carcinogenic effects

Itchy skin

Did you know?

Did you know itchy skin is liked to the following conditions?

1. Graves disease and or Hoshimotos Thyroiditis
2. Liver Disease
3. Nutritional deficiencies
4. Lack of Omega fatty acids

Health Tips:
1. Anti-histamine diet
2. Daily essential fatty acids
3. 3-4 cups of green leafy vegetables
4. 15 day liver detox followed by a 28 day cellular detox
5. 3 month detox diet

For more information and guidance to the right diet and herbal medicines.
Call TODAY 636-724-5605

Health benefits of NAC

Health benefits of NAC

1. Best used to increase potency of glutathione
2. Decreases cholesterol
3. Helps fight chronic infection (lung-ear-bronchitis)
4. Reduces ovary syndrome
5. Increases immunity
6. Increases energy
8. Breaks up mucus
9. Clears partial cells in the colon

For more information on N-acetyle Cysteine
call 636-724-5605

The benefits of strawberries

The benefits of strawberries

1. Its loaded with B6 and Vitamin C (protecting your heart, circulation and immune response). 
2. Enhances serotine the body's mood regulating hormone
3. In some cases high strawberry consumption will battle summer blues and replenish mood.

To learn more about how fruit can help restore the body contact Dr. Jenkins at 636-724-5605

Hot pepper and Breast Cancer

Hot peppers have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-arthritic and analgesic effects. As well as anti-thrombotic properties and may improve cholesterol levels, glucose metabolism and assist in weight loss.
Most peppers are a good dietary source of capsaicin, beta-carotene, lycopene and Vitamin C. There is some controversy related to gastric problems suggested moderation use is advised.

Chili peppers
Jalapeno peppers
Suhuan peppers
Hot sauce
Red pepper flakes
Red pepper past

Note: Not black pepper or bell peppers
For more information on how to use food to heal the body.
Call 636-724-5605

the Double Duo

                                        The Double Duo I'm VOING For!
                                              "Selenium and COQ10"
-Selenium helps fight against free radicals
-COQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the outer member of the ell.

Together they improve heart functions and reduce hospitalization stay after a cardiovascular episode. Helps with thyroid function and improves overall health. For some the major benefits of taking this "Double Duo' is. It relieves fatigue and increase oxygen flow.

Food sources:
1. Brewers yeast
2. Sunflower seeds "organic"
3. Brazil nuts "5" a day

For more information about the "Double Duo" call Dr. Jenkins at 636-724-5605

Digestive walk

Before you eat a cooked meal
1. Drink 1 glass of  hot water with lime
2. Add ginger to our salad
3. Add thermic to your salad dressing

After you eat be sure to take a DIGESTIVE WALK
1. Walk up to 30 minutes after you eat
2. Wait 1 hour after eating to drink fluids
3. Only eat at the table in a non-stressful environment wile eating

For more information on how to properly digest your food. Call 636-724-5605TODAT!

Detox Drink

Detox Drink

1 handful of cilantro
1 whole lemon
1 bunch of broccoli
1 cup of water
blend together