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Testimonials of actual client's. These people have determined the helped they received from Dr. Jenkins was successful. Each person is different and may experience different results.

Weight Loss Success
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Naturo Health Solutions Testimony
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Pain is gone, not masked.
Dr. Jenkins is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend her to everyone. I went in to see her because I had lack  of energy and aches and pains of my entire body. Now I have all kinds energy and the only pain I have now is when I work out too hard. The best part of it all is she didn't give me a bunch of medication to cover up the problem she found out what it was and fixed it naturally.
Tracey K. (Missouri), December 2014

All Ailments and Symptoms Went Away
Thanks again Dr. Jenkins and God knows we need more healers in the world like you!

I haven’t been losing weight even though I work out 3-4 times a week. I started adding the Super Fit exercise machine to my regular routine and lost 1 ½ in 2 weeks with no significant changes to my diet. The vibrations do wonders! I burned 540 calories in just 10 minutes. My clothes are fitting looser and my metabolism is higher. It has also relieved some of the tension in my shoulders from working at a computer all day.
Stephanie (Missouri), December 2013
I Feel Like My Old Self Again
Thanks for all you do,

I have been seeing a chiropractor for 12 years and he has recently noticed that my adjustments are steadying and my bones have become easier to manipulate. I credit this new steadiness to the treatment I have received from Dr. Jenkins. I have also lost 10 pounds!
MaryAnn (Missouri), August 2013
Dr. Jenkins saved my life
Alive and well,

[Client testimonial to Dr. Jenkins via the telephone]
[Barb has been seeing Dr. Jenkins for 6 months.]
I have had a few facials before but the LED facial treatment I received at Naturo Health Solutions from Cearra was by far the best. It was very relaxing and I was very satisfied with the results and overall experience. Next I received a LED light treatment and a treatment of Nerium AD mixed with a serum. The results were amazing! My skin was glowing and smooth! I loved it! I would highly recommend Naturo Health Solutions and Cearra for high quality skin care that yields noticeable results.
Melanie (Missouri), April 2013
Facial Treatment
Just wanted to let you know how good my skin looks this morning! Thanks for the good work!
JoAnn (Missouri)
Chronic IBS Symptoms
God Bless you in your service to the ill,
I just finished the 6-week detoxification program and lost 12 pounds!  I feel so much better and the pain in my right side is completely gone.  The knowledge that I learned about my body is priceless.  Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your help. 
Patti (Missouri)
Parkinson's Disease
Thank you for your patience and kind words,
During the health retreat Dr. Jenkins performed the QRA testing and found that I had a weak pituitary gland. Dr. Jenkins suggested I go to my primary doctor to have a prolactin test.  After which I found my labs were abnormal.  Dr. Jenkins recommended that I take Vitex supplement.  I now believe that QRA testing really works! 
Kristen (Missouri)
Weak and Deficient
God Bless You,
The service I have received from Dr. Jenkins has been really great. She is so patient and attentive to my problems. She has been very detailed in explaining the treatment process. I have been taking the supplements she recommended and I am starting to see my cyst diminish in size. I am not sure if this is from the supplements, but I hope to continue to see positive results. I have also lost 4 pounds since starting my treatment program!
Aurelien (France)
Menstrual Cramping
Thank you for finally bringing me relief,
I met Dr. Jenkins at a social gathering and was talking to her about the symptoms I was suffering from due to my springtime allergies. She advised me to take enzymes. She explained that allergens found in the environment help to create allergies and the digestive system was responsible for resolving the issue. Since taking the enzymes I have experienced a positive change in my digestive system and my symptoms have been significantly reduced. I would  recommend consulting with Dr. Jenkins so that she can help you live a healthier life!
AJ (Texas)
Heart Palpitations
I love Dr. Jenkins with all my heart,
I was interested in reducing my sugar intake and increasing my health. Dr. Jenkins introduced me to Canadian Raw Honey. It is all natural and doesn't contain any preservatives or other added ingredients. It tastes really good and has also been good for my allergies since moving to the Southwest. Anyone concerned about eating healthy should certainly try this product.
Karen (Texas)
Bell's Palsy
Smiling again,