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All Ailments and Symptoms Went Away
I believe strongly in alternative medicine as a fundamental healing process to the toxic buildup in our bodies from the air we breathe, the food and water we drink, and the medication we've been taking from the pharmaceutical industry.  After years of living a lifestyle of conventional medical treatment and poor eating habits (the typical American diet) my body finally started to fall out of balance and break down both physically and mentally.  Every day it felt as if I was walking in quicksand, all I wanted to do was sleep, my positive energy and vitality were drained, and my mind was in cloud of fog, I knew it was time to seek alternative/natural healing. Read more...
Thanks again Dr. Jenkins and God knows we need more healers in the world like you!
Jennifer (Missouri), February 2014

Getting Superfit!
I haven’t been losing weight even though I work out 3-4 times a week. I started adding the Super Fit exercise machine to my regular routine and lost 1 ½ in 2 weeks with no significant changes to my diet. The vibrations do wonders! I burned 540 calories in just 10 minutes. My clothes are fitting looser and my metabolism is higher. It has also relieved some of the tension in my shoulders from working at a computer all day.
Thanks work neighbor,
Stephanie (Missouri), December 2013

I Feel Like My Old Self Again
I went home last night and the stinky mood that I have been in for a few days continued. Maybe even a little worse. But, I woke up this session feeling awesome! Like my true self. I have no idea if that "rock mat" was the cause or not, or all of the other things. But, I will take it! I also had a very healthy BM (sorry for sharing LOL). It seems to all work together. The great mood has continued.  I feel like my old self again. 
Thanks for all you do,
Renee (Missouri), October 2013

Losing Weight, Feeling Great
I have been seeing a chiropractor for 12 years and he has recently noticed that my adjustments are steadying and my bones have become easier to manipulate. I credit this new steadiness to the treatment I have received from Dr. Jenkins. I have also lost 10 pounds!
Making Adjustments,
MaryAnn (Missouri), August 2013

Dr. Jenkins saved my life
Earlier this year on January 10th, I was lying in bed with my nephew and my dog, Conrad, watching TV.  My dog started slapping my right breast with his paw and kept sniffing under my breast repeatedly.  We were laughing at him thinking that he was just being playful.  Conrad then hit my breast really hard and then he barked.  I grabbed at my breast because the blow was painful.  I then felt a huge lump at the bottom of my breast.  I made an appointment with my doctor and she sent me for a battery of tests.  I found out that it was breast cancer.  Read more...
Alive and well,
Sherrill (Missouri), July 2013

Off the Meds!
[Client testimonial to Dr. Jenkins via the telephone]
Barb's primary care physician has taken her off of her medication because she has managed to keep her blood pressure under control for over a month.  She vows to continue to see Dr. Jenkins every 3 months for preventive checkups because she states that Dr. Jenkins has "given me the tools I need to get well."  She said, "Thanks for giving me my health back."  Barb also commented that she is no longer having breathing difficulties when walking and her weight is down.
[Barb has been seeing Dr. Jenkins for 6 months.]
Congratulations Barb on your health journey! (Missouri), July 2013
Glowing Skin
I have had a few facials before but the LED facial treatment I received at Naturo Health Solutions from Cearra was by far the best. It was very relaxing and I was very satisfied with the results and overall experience. Next I received a LED light treatment and a treatment of Nerium AD mixed with a serum. The results were amazing! My skin was glowing and smooth! I loved it! I would highly recommend Naturo Health Solutions and Cearra for high quality skin care that yields noticeable results.
Melanie (Missouri), April 2013
Facial Treatment
[This client received an LED Anti-Wrinkle Treatment]
Just wanted to let you know how good my skin looks this morning! Thanks for the good work!
See you again,
JoAnn (Missouri)
Chronic IBS Symptoms
I discovered Dr. Jenkins through a search for relief from chronic IBS like symptoms.  I was desperate to regain my health, but also skeptical of natural medicine.  I was unable to leave my home due to chronic IBS symptoms.  I had gone to an M.D., a Gastroenterologist, and an OB/GYN, but none of the medicines they prescribed helped.  Dr. Christy developed a strict diet and herbal regimen that was perfect for my body.  That regimen enabled me to not only recover from the intestinal issues, but it also helped improve other health concerns I had been struggling with.  Now I am able to live life again without the chain of a chronic illness holding me down.  I’m a believer of Naturo Health Solutions and thank God for guiding me to a doctor who not only diagnosed me correctly, but who cared enough about my health to call and check on me.
God Bless you in your service to the ill,
Shena (Missouri)
6-Week Detox Program
I just finished the 6-week detoxification program and lost 12 pounds!  I feel so much better and the pain in my right side is completely gone.  The knowledge that I learned about my body is priceless.  Thank you Dr. Jenkins for your help. 
I really appreciate you,
Patti (Missouri)
Parkinson's Disease
I suffer with Parkinson's disease and went through the detoxification program.  Due to my unsteadiness, my wife had to drive me to my first office visit.   After two treatments my hands did not shake and I am once again driving myself around.  I went back to my primary doctor and he said he could see a change.  I now need less help with buttoning my clothes and learned new ways to exercise.  Dr. Jenkins, thank you for your patience and kind words.
Thank you for your patience and kind words,
Loyd (Missouri)
Pituitary Gland Weakness
During the health retreat Dr. Jenkins performed the QRA testing and found that I had a weak pituitary gland. Dr. Jenkins suggested I go to my primary doctor to have a prolactin test.  After which I found my labs were abnormal.  Dr. Jenkins recommended that I take Vitex supplement.  I now believe that QRA testing really works! 
Thank you for your insight,
Kristen (Missouri)
Weak and Deficient
I sought for help to know what was going on in my body. When I read about Dr. Christy Jenkin's accomplishments on her website, I realized I was being led of God to call on her for help. I was becoming weaker by the day and this compassionate woman had the answer for me. Dr. Christy disclosed that I suffered from  B1, B3, and Serine deficiencies. I also suffer from inflammation.  She discovered that I had a sensitivity to sugars and I have since cut them from my diet. I can now wear high-heels without hurting! I also recommend Dr. Christy's care if you know of anyone elderly that's in need of care. Thanks for your prayers and hard work! 
God Bless You,
Vivian (Tennessee)
Cyst and Supplements
The service I have received from Dr. Jenkins has been really great. She is so patient and attentive to my problems. She has been very detailed in explaining the treatment process. I have been taking the supplements she recommended and I am starting to see my cyst diminish in size. I am not sure if this is from the supplements, but I hope to continue to see positive results. I have also lost 4 pounds since starting my treatment program!
Excited about the future,
Aurelien (France)
Menstrual Cramping
Dr. Christy Jenkins is a compassionate, understanding, and encouraging doctor.  She spends extensive time with her patients to see that you get the best care for your health.  All of my life I have suffered with severe menstrual pain.  When I visited Dr. Christy I was in a lot of discomfort.  She conducted a Bio-communication Scan to analyze my internal organs in order to find the root of my problem.  After reviewing the report with me step by step, she was able to determine my deficiencies.  She recommended the vitamins I needed to get my body back into balance.  Since following her treatment plan, I no longer have bad cramping during my menstrual cycle and I feel so much healthier!  Dr. Christy is a wonderful doctor and is now the primary care physician for my whole family.  I definitely recommend her services!
Thank you for finally bringing me relief,
Tierra (Missouri)
I met Dr. Jenkins at a social gathering and was talking to her about the symptoms I was suffering from due to my springtime allergies. She advised me to take enzymes. She explained that allergens found in the environment help to create allergies and the digestive system was responsible for resolving the issue. Since taking the enzymes I have experienced a positive change in my digestive system and my symptoms have been significantly reduced. I would  recommend consulting with Dr. Jenkins so that she can help you live a healthier life!
Thanks Dr. Jenkins and keep up the great work,
AJ (Texas)
Heart Palpitations
Dr. Jenkins and I go to the same gym.  Recently we were in the same exercise class and I was experiencing heart palpitations. I mentioned it to Dr. Jenkins and told her that I was also anemic. She suggested that I take some iron pills and drink some digestive tea to regulate my system. She also recommended that I juice some high-iron fruits and vegetables and drink those as well (namely: beets, carrots, celery, apples, and ginger).  I went to my primary care doctor and was asked to wear a monitor to track my heart rate. After wearing the device for one week no abnormalities were recorded.  The doctor inquired of any change in my diet and I told him about the advice that Dr. Jenkins had given me. I am feeling great now and no longer have any irregularities.
I love Dr. Jenkins with all my heart,
Kiesha (Missouri)
Less Sugar, Better Health
I was interested in reducing my sugar intake and increasing my health. Dr. Jenkins introduced me to Canadian Raw Honey. It is all natural and doesn't contain any preservatives or other added ingredients. It tastes really good and has also been good for my allergies since moving to the Southwest. Anyone concerned about eating healthy should certainly try this product.
Living Naturally,
Karen (Texas)
Bell's Palsy
I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy over 5 years ago. I have limited movement on the left side of my face, including a crooked smile and a weak eye that constantly waters. I told Dr. Christy about my symptoms and she knew immediately what I should take. She encouraged me to take B-12, B-complex and up to 1,000 mg of magnesium daily. I have been taking the vitamins now for over a month and my smile is coming back! Now I can finally see my front two teeth. My eyebrow still doesn't lift yet, but my eye isn't shut like it was previously and the constant tearing has stopped. Dr. Christy's naturopathic advice has truly helped my condition. I can't wait to see what my smile will look like a few months from now! So I believe that it's time to stop treating the symptoms and get to the root cause of your illness...naturally. I know that Christy listens to God and I am thankful that she has been blessed with a gift coupled with the knowledge to bring healing to many. I highly recommend her services!
Smiling again,
Faith (Indiana)