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Ageless Spa features detox body treatments, facials, and holistic therapies.Ageless Spa

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The Ageless Spa is an affiliate of Naturo Health Solutions. Operated by Cearra Jenkins, a holistic esthetician, the spa incorporates state-of-the-art equipment and professional grade products, along with non-invasive techniques. Offering the latest in non-surgical body treatments and anti-aging skin therapies, we promote youthful, radiant, healthy skin that will keep you AGELESS!  Rejuvenate your beauty, refine fine lines, and refresh your skin with our facialsbody treatments, and hair removal services.

Cearra Jenkins, holistic esthetician, Ageless SpaCommonly Treated Areas and Conditions include:
Lines, Wrinkles, Skin Tone & Texture, Teenage/Adult Acne, 
Sun & Age Spots, Hair Removal, and Body Rejuvenation

Special Cosmetic Services:
Acne Treatments, Non-Surgical Face lift, and Excessive Perspiration