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What is Naturopathic Care?
See Dr. Christy Jenkins, BCND, discuss the tenets of naturopathic care and hear a testimonial from a satisfied client.
The mission of Naturo Health Solutions and Dr. Christy Jenkins is to provide both preventive care and therapeutic benefits to create a customized health treatment strategy that meets the specific needs of each patient's constitution and presenting concerns.

Dr. Jenkins and her staff use the healing traditions of alternative care to determine not only what acute measures are required to provide relief from illness, but to discover how a patient is functioning at the deeper levels of his or her being...mind, body, and soul. This is in effort to naturally restore harmony and balance to the person as a whole so that they can achieve optimal health.
Acupressure therapy, alternative health
  1. Targeted Detoxification
  2. Clinical Nutrition
  3. Acupressure
  4. Homeopathic Remedies/Herbal Solutions
  5. Massage Therapy
  6. Prevention & Lifestyle Counseling
  7. Healing Touch
It is our belief that a combination of integrative health therapies and functional care can produce and maintain reductions in chronic pain, improvements in fitness and function, and an overall better quality of life. We have the best homeopathic remedies that St. Charles and the greater St. Louis area have to offer. Request an appointment today!
  1. First, do no harm- use low-risk procedures and uniquely customize homeopathic care
  2. Let nature heal- find and remove barriers to self-healing
  3. Identify and treat causes- identify the root of the cause, don't simply treat the symptoms
  4. Treat the whole person- promote healthy, well-balanced living internally and externally with natural health solutions
  5. Educate patients- encourage responsible living and teach physical and emotional wellness
  6. Prevention is the best cure- preventive solutions save time, money, pain, and suffering; be proactive
  7. Establish health and wellness- optimal health is more than the lack of sickness
Naturopathic Solutions