Optimal health is more than the lack of sickness - Company Message
NATURO HEALTH SOLUTIONS is a wellness center that focuses on natural and preventive healthcare located in St. Charles County in Missouri.
(We are not medical doctors or license physicians. But we are Board Certified Naturopathic doctors who specialize in holistic health and functional medicine. We believe in uncovering the root cause of dis-ease). We provide natural health care that services those from adolescence to adulthood. Our approach is a model that uses each individual's unique genetic information to tailor a customized  plan. Our tools go directly to the root of a client's concern and our teaching comes from the 8 Laws of Health. If you are looking for answers to why you are not getting well. You have come to the right place.

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Naturopathic doctors work in private practices, hospitals, clinics and community health centers. Naturopathic doctors must go through rigorous training much like those who receive degrees in conventional medicine, to become an accredited Naturopathic doctor. Doctors of Naturopathy are trained to care for common ailments, such as allergies, chronic pain, poor immune issues, digestive issues, obesity, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue and difficult clients who are hard to diagnosis. Unlike conventional doctors, doctors of Naturopathy do not practice mayor surgery or write prescriptions. Naturopathic doctors aim to care for both acute and chronic aliments as well as prevent dis-ease with the use of natural remedies, homeopathic and herbal medicine, detoxification and lifestyle change, rather than surgery or synthetic drugs.
Naturopathic doctors work along side of traditional doctors when the need arises. YES we are REAL doctors who use REAL herbal remedies to care for Real people. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand about who we are and what we do and how we WILL help you.

Why clients see Naturopathic Doctors

-Common signs and symptoms   
-Stomach issues
-Cough and congestion
-Hormone imbalance
-High blood pressure
-Diabetes, high cholesterol
-Sadness and irritability
-Pain and inflammation
-Skin issues
-Immune problems
Did you know all of these symptoms are related?

       If You Look Older Than You Feel,
         Or Feel Older Than You Look 
             Then fix it, Here's How

1. Make an appotiment with Dr. Jenkins today.
2. Discus how your diet might be causing cellular aging and dis-ease.
3. Get the proper testing to prove where you are nutritionally deficient.
4. Learn how food is medicine and not the enemy.
5. Learn how to loose weight, boost energy, lower cholesterol, decrease blood sugar and improve confidence. All in one visit to the doctor.
6. Relax in our beautiful facility and receive a complimentary spa treatment just for making an appotiment.

Testimony: Naturo Health Solution's 12 Week Detox Program

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Naturo Health Solutions Testimony
Naturo Health Solutionsnathealthsol.comSt. Charles, MO636-724-5605

Traditional medicine uses a reactive approach to signs and symptoms, thus resulting in management of illness and not eradication. The holistic approach utilizes predictive methods that can not only address present  concern, but forecast potential problems and provide a plan to avoid them altogether.
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CRN Responds to Misguided Editorial in Annals of Internal Medicine
In response to an editorial, "Enough is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements," published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the l...
  • Preventive Health
  • Customized Wellness Plans
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle
  • Healing Alternatives to Traditional Medicine
  • Counsel on Living Healthy in a Toxic Environment
  • Address the Underlying Cause of Your Illness
  • High-Tech Investigative Tools and Assessments
  • Detoxification and weight management

BE PROACTIVE! Call Naturo Health Solutions today or click the button below to request an appointment. Don't delay! Optimal health is waiting.

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FirstLine Therapy®

Address lifestyle and chronic health issues and manage stress more effectively
with FirstLine Therapy®. Through the use of emotional release and nutritional management, you can improve the quality of your health and your life!

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alternative medicine, detoxification, homeopathic remedy, healthPRODUCT OF THE MONTH
UltraClear RENEW

Medical food for nutritional support to help address the needs of patients with fibromyalgia that suffer with pain and stiffness.

  • Benefits those that need additional support for detoxification function.
  • Helps to address altered pain signaling and neuromuscular function.
  • Great for Phase I and Phase II of liver detoxification.

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The Ageless Spa 
Check out our new website for more details on services:

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Have you suffered with pain, an illness, or a condition and have been from doctor to doctor without getting a definitive answer? 
Then you should have a Bio-communication Hand Scan. 
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ZYTO technology enables a computer to communicate with your body. By placing your hand on the Hand Cradle, an energetic connection is established allowing ZYTO to essentially ‘ask your body questions’ and record your body’s responses or ‘answers’. The process is painless and it is called biocommunication. It can provide you and your healthcare provider with powerful new insights about your health. See the diagram of how the hand scan works and read more about this technology in our brochure.